"Thousands of Coronavirus Cases Linked to U.S. Universities"


The New York Times has launched a new tracker for coronavirus cases focused specifically on higher education institutions in the US. It already lists 26 thousand cases at the time of writing (surely it will be more this by the time this post appears).

As college students and professors return to campus in the midst of a pandemic, coronavirus cases are turning up by the thousands.

A New York Times survey of more than 1,500 American colleges and universities — including every four-year public institution, every private college that competes in N.C.A.A. sports and others that identified cases — has revealed at least 26,000 cases and 64 deaths since the pandemic began.

It appears that southern schools are leading the charge, with high counts Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

I do wish these case counts were normalized by school size, either by the total size of the school or by the number of non-remote students, if known.

Stay safe everyone!

Jim Bagrow
Jim Bagrow
Associate Professor of Mathematics & Statistics

My research interests include complex networks, computational social science, and data science.